Our story has been told before, but you might be completely new here, never seeing or hearing of us before. So let’s get into it…

We met in March 2017 and began dating for the next 5 months before making anything truly official. Within this time, JK moved in with Ted and started making the house a home.

Some renovations had already happened, and some are yet to be made again, but it became clear that some passions between us were equally shared. From making the house a home, to exploring new recipes, drinking new cocktails and host small gatherings of friends, everything just fell into place.

We shared many firsts together, and found that sometimes it’s fun to be “matchy-matchy” for certain occasions (the first time was for Valentine’s Day 2018). On our first holiday together, we decided to get engaged, and now, in 2019 through 2020 we’re busy planning our wedding.

That means plenty of planning for exclusive cocktails, small gatherings and extra little delights to celebrate our love.

This site is just our outlet to share everything from recipes to decorating, to building our future dreams, all under the one banner of The Two Burrs.