Less Than a Year.

It’s got to that time already – it’s now less than a year until #thetwoburrswed. Yes, in less than a year, we shall no longer be boyfriends, or fiancés, we shall be husbands! How exciting! And whilst we have written about our wedding briefly before, we’re coming back with something more.

Ted is awfully well prepared, whilst JK has been a lot more laid back with things, but our guest list is confirmed, the save the dates are out in the wild, one groomsmaid dress is bought, and all the table decorations are sorted. That’s kind of where we are at, but there’s little bits we have been doing behind the scenes to get this day into shape, well before we ever have to.

If you’re new around here, then welcome, but also, Ted just did an episode of his podcast ‘Burr Necessities’ where he discusses our feelings around our wedding, the stresses, the easy bits, the weird things that have happened and all that jazz. You can find it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, whichever is your more preferred podcast platform. But anyway, on with the next update of #thetwoburrswed.

Be Our Guest?

There seems to be one thing that from conversations with people who are already married, always have difficulty with. We’ve had difficulty with it too, because you don’t realise how many people you actually know until you have to sit down and actually write a list of people down. Was it easy? No, it really wasn’t. In the end, we came up with a small test for the majority of our guests, so that our day included those people we really, really, couldn’t say ‘no’ to.

The test is simple:

  1. has x been present in our lives predominantly?
  2. has x been supportive of us whilst we have been together?
  3. has x been happy for us throughout our relationship?

If the answer was yes to those three questions, they made the cut. Applying this test though, did cause some stress, but the more you tell people this is what you did to get the best guest list we possibly could for our day, they eventually got it.

You see, we don’t have plans for children in the future, our family is us and two cats, and that’s enough for us. So what have we really got to celebrate on a grand scale in the future? We have birthdays, anniversaries and our wedding day. That wedding day is the biggest thing that will probably happen in our lives, and we want it to be filled with the people that have been there for us, who bring positivity into the day, that are happy to be there and happy for us. It’s the only day we get to do this, and it has to be perfect, no matter what.

The Stationary

The one thing we also realised about the wedding, is that even though we can have many conversations about it, the first impression anyone has of the day, is the Save The Dates. This became a massive consideration for us, and we trawled through many designs, even tried to design our own, before we settled on a paired back, simple design, but how do you improve on that?

Our next consideration was how people would receive them, and would it be worth really putting money into the presentation. The answer is yes. So we found a hexagonal stamp that featured a bee (because we both have bee tattoos) and some copper coloured wax.

When we say that this step was tedious and became a neck ache, we really mean it. Luckily, our overall guest list is made up of mainly couples, so rather than 50 individual envelopes, we’ve ended up with about 30 that we had to stamp and seal.

Again, we designed to go ahead with making sure it reflects the wedding as a whole, and so chose navy envelopes to go with all of this, to highlight our colour scheme for the day (mainly navy and copper if you haven’t go that yet).


The final little bit we will talk about today is the consideration we had to take about our environmental impact. We’re getting married in the countryside, with plenty of wildlife dotted around and deer caution signs on the side of the road. What we didn’t want to do, is start adding anything that will pollute the environment around us, we were already adding stuff with people having to travel to the venue, so we decided that we’d make at least some considerations for this.

We buy flowers fairly regularly, just to brighten the house, and usually, because of the cats, these are roses. It helps that our wedding flowers are primarily roses in a range of autumnal colours, which happens to also be the colour range we buy our roses in. So, what we have been doing is when the roses just start to turn, we grab them and hang them up to dry. We did this, and then the second batch, we didn’t dry enough before adding to the roses we had already dried, and it turned the whole bag mouldy. Annoying.

However, this time around, we’ve left them for ages to dry, and then added them to a jar, in a dry place, so that this doesn’t happy again. Why? Well, because these dried rose petals will become our eco-friendly confetti. Is it a novel idea? No, people have done it before, but it’s something that should be considered rather than littering the great outdoors with paper or plastic. We also have a whole bunch of lavender dried from over the years, and that will be added to the mix too. We just have to box it all up closer to the date, and remind our guests not to bring their own confetti.

So, that’s it for less than a year before we get married. We will surely be back before the big day, and definitely after to talk more wedding stuff.

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