Fun Fair

No, we’re not about to start talking about plans to open up a fun fair, or that we have gone on a trip to a fun fair. We’re back, back, back again with another cocktail! Why? Because cocktails are fun, and we also have another gin cocktail to bring to you.

There is something synonymous with fun fairs, or rather fairs in general, that everyone has loved at least once in their lives, but actually finding it outside of the fair setting is hard. That thing is candy floss! How hard is this to find? Well, we had to resort to ordering it from Amazon in order to get some! And, we opted to buy 6 tubs, rather than just the one we’d probably need, and then proceeded to eat it when we wanted something sweet and had to really focus on getting these shots before we ate the whole lot!

There is also something really fun about candy floss, and that is when it hits moisture, it pretty much disintegrates which is why in these pictures, by unprofessional food photographers, the candy floss is by the drink, not on the top or in the drink.

We also said that our Gin Rose Bowl cocktail was probably our most simple cocktail…well, we lied, this is, because it’s not that much of a cocktail, more of a specific flavour combination that gives you the feel of the fair and also, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, may make you feel a little overwhelmed.

Fun Fair

The Pieces

  • 50ml Parma Violet Gin
  • Cream Soda
  • Tuft of Candy Floss

The Mixing

  1. Add ice to a tall glass
  2. Pour in 50ml of Parma Violet Gin
  3. Fill glass with cream soda
  4. Decorate with candy floss (you may want to stir it as it dissolves so you don’t end up with a colour sitting at the top)
  5. Drink and enjoy

This drink is so good, even Rupert wants some. Honestly, he wouldn’t get out of the picture so you just have some added cuteness for this drink. And we did promise you that it would be the easier drink ever. We really didn’t lie, did we? We do advise caution if you’re not that much of a sweet tooth because this is sweet with the combination of parma violets, cream soda AND basically coloured sugar, but it’s still something you may enjoy? Who knows until you’ve tried it?

Luckily, Hull Fair begins tomorrow, so we’re good to go with all this deliciousness! It’s all about the fun of the fair!

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