Life Update.

So, it’s been a while. How are you?

Life has been very busy over the last few months, which we aren’t always used to, but we are starting to get back on track with balancing the many aspects of life we have to deal with; and this post is really to address all that and make sure we get back on track.

So, what’s been going on? We both still work full time jobs, with long, varying hours which means sometimes, we only get a few hours a day with each other, and in the grand scheme of the week, it is sometimes rare to find ourselves with the same day off. As such, the one of us who is off, tends to catch up on the housework and make sure the cats – yes, we have another cat now – are looked after and loved.

Add on top of this, Ted’s work on his podcast (Burr Necessities, now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts), his personal blog, and now his work with the local Pride event, time is often spirited away. Trying to find his own balance has been hard, often leading to him feeling stressed but we’re getting back on with things in a much calmer way.

This little site is just a little extension of our much grander future plans where we started off with the concept of the “Haus of Burr” which would act as the sort of catch all umbrella to things. Well, that started to feel outdated, and a little bit like it wasn’t us. So after considerations, and the direction we really want to take everything, we have also started to rebrand that. It’s not a massive stretch on the imagination but we’re now working under the title “The Burr Haus” – a play on words for ‘warehouse’.

JK has also been hard at work, being front of house at a local golf club, which has varying hours through the summer as the days get longer and the weather improves from the rained out mess most of this year seems to have been. He also turned 30 at the beginning of the month, and whilst his party was rained off, it was celebrated for a full weekend culminating in a meal out at TGI Friday’s where the staff sang happy birthday to him.

It may not seem like a lot, but we do work long hours, and extra projects always seem to fall into the abyss whilst you adjust and readjust to the changes, but we’re here again, and we plan on bringing content that is both entertaining and hopefully creative. We have some more fine-tuned cocktail recipes to give you, and we’re also looking at which details we can share from our upcoming wedding.

But for now, onto the other piece of news that the blog has never had but our personal instagrams have shared long ago. It was known that we adopted a rescue cat who we named Willow. Her story was told on Ted’s blog soon after we got her and she has adjusted to living indoors and with people, although she is still a little anti-social, she made friends with our usual takeaway delivery driver by greeting him in the window.

Well, we adopted a second cat. He wasn’t so much of a rescue and we did pay money for him because we felt Willow needed a friend for the long days we have to work. Little did we know, they’d become such good friends that they work in tandem to cause havoc. Our newer kitten is called Rupert, and the Willow often jumps up on the kitchen sides whilst we are out (and sometimes whilst we’re at home but not whilst we’re cooking) and grab any semblance of food or the sponge, and drop it down for Rupert to either eat or play with. We say play, he just tries to eat everything.

And as any crazy cat dads would do, we will probably bring along some wholesome cat content with little things you can make for your furry friends. They do actually take up a lot of our time too, mainly with cuddles and strokes because they both crave attention to differing levels (Willow will come over for a 5 minute petting session and then leave, whilst Rupert will have a 4 hour nap in your arms before leaving for 5 minutes to eat his food before coming back for another nap).

On the wedding front, we are delicately juggling guest lists, and trying to design our centrepieces, whilst also looking up different types of groomsmaid dresses or outfits we should say (there was a brief flirtation with a jumpsuit that had a cape). We’re now under 500 days until our big day, not a single diet has really been started and the stress isn’t quite building yet, but just wait, it’s probably lurking at 400 days.

But not to leave you wanting, we’ve included a little bit of a recipe to Ted’s new favourite hot drink, a London Fog.

London Fog

  • Put half of your cup of your chosen milk in a pan on a medium to low heat
  • Add a dash of vanilla extract to your milk (or maple syrup made a good alternative)
  • Boil your kettle in the mean time to brew a half cup of Earl Grey tea
  • As your kettle boils, whisk your milk until it starts to form a foam and warms through
  • Make your half cup of Earl Grey tea and let it brew.
  • Once brewed, remove your tea bag, add your milk on top, stir lightly and enjoy.

So once again, we hope you’re all okay and we promise to be coming back with even more content for The Two Burrs, and look out for even more projects for The Burr Haus coming your way!

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