What’s All This Then?

So, you may or may not know about us, so what better way than to write an introductory post, that is easier to read than a super long instagram caption, better than an ‘about’ page, and gives you everything we are going to be doing over here? The basics are, we’re a gay couple from East Yorkshire, living together, getting married in 2020 and now want to share many things with the world.

We are ‘The Two Burrs’, because we chose to use a common surname between the two of us online, and that’s what we are using now, and potentially more legally in the future, who knows? Separately we are known as Ted and JK, or sometimes Ted and James. We have many similar passions, and we have different tastes which means that this new journey should be fun!

So, what, other than a name, is ‘The Two Burrs’ about? Well, we have discussed ideas a lot, and originally, it was just a place online to share our relationship online without drowning our own instagram feeds in it, but then we hardly used it, because other than at Christmas or another significant time of year for everyone, we just didn’t really bother with it. We chose many different things it could be, before settling on what it really should be: lifestyle to love. Or rather, everything from lifestyle to love.

The Two Burrs will be a place to share things from recipes for a nice meal in, to cocktails with friends and family, or even how we prepare for a little bit of cicchetti (Italian tapas). It’ll also be a place to share things like, how we are transforming the house, where we buy some of the things from, how we are going to transform our little concrete yard and make the best of what we currently live in. It’s also a place, in time, to share the process of planning our wedding, which we mentioned is in 2020. Plenty of time to be planning and sharing at least some of the process prior to the big day.

We are at the start of a new month, and so this February, we’re hoping to at least bring you a couple of little things to keep you going. We don’t know what our post day will be, so please forgive us for now, but we’re sure you will like and appreciate everything we have to bring to the table…quite literally.


You can follow us on instagram @thetwoburrs

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